NOPSEMA consultation and public comment

Providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of transparency. This site will help you find and participate in public comment consultations that may be of interest.

Recently updated public comment consultations are displayed below.

It is important to note that the environment plan and offshore project proposals that are ‘open for comment’ have not undergone assessment by NOPSEMA and have been published to NOPSEMA’s website following an administrative check only. NOPSEMA’s formal assessment process will commence when the titleholder or propoent submits their environment plan or offshore proposal following the public comment process.

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Open Consultations

  • Archer 3D Marine Seismic Survey

    Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd (Santos), who are wholly owned by Santos Energy Limited, propose to undertake a 3D seismic marine survey (the ‘survey’) over a portion of exploration permit areas WA-437-P and WA-541-P and surrounding waters in the Bedout Sub-basin in Commonwealth waters off the... More

    Closes 18 December 2020

  • Open for comment: draft ageing assets and life extension guidance

    NOPSEMA has developed and is seeking feedback on new industry guidance. The guidance discusses ageing assets and life extension in the Australian regulatory context, and promotes the review of management systems used on offshore oil and gas facilities, with a focus on... More

    Closes 24 December 2020

  • Sequoia 3D Marine Seismic Survey

    ConocoPhillips Australia SH1 Pty Limited (‘ConocoPhillips Australia’) and 3D Oil T49P Pty Limited (‘3D Oil’) are proposing to undertake the Sequoia three-dimensional (3D) marine seismic survey (MSS) within Exploration Permit T/49P in the Otway Basin, west of King Island. The purpose of... More

    Closes 3 January 2021

Closed Consultations

  • Amulet Development Offshore Project Proposal

    The Amulet Development is within Commonwealth waters in retention lease WA-8-L, located ~132 km north of Dampier in the north-west of Australia, in water depths of ~80 m. The Talisman oil field is ~3.5 km to the west of Amulet, within WA-8-L, the field has already been produced, but was... More

    Closed 15 October 2020

  • Capreolus-2 3D Marine Seismic Survey 2020 - 2023

    FROM NOPSEMA: This is the second Capreolus-2 activity being published on the NOPSEMA website. TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company Pty Ltd (TGS) decided to make a number of modifications to the original Capreolus-2 3D Marine Seismic Survey (MSS) and as such NOPSEMA has decided that the activity requires... More

    Closed 9 September 2020

  • Kanga-1 Exploration Drilling

    SapuraOMV Upstream (Western Australia) Pty Ltd (SapuraOMV) plans to drill a single exploration well (Kanga-1) in Permit WA-412-P, located within the Dampier sub-basin in Commonwealth waters.The Kanga-1 well is located approximately 163 km north of the town of Karratha in water depths of... More

    Closed 28 August 2020

  • Artisan Exploration Drilling

    Beach Energy (Operations) Limited (Beach) proposes to drill a single exploration well (with the option to suspend and develop pending reservoir analysis) in Commonwealth waters of the Otway Basin approximately 32 km off Victoria’s south‐west coast. The proposed Artisan‐1 well location is at... More

    Closed 19 August 2020

  • Draft revision of diving guideline

    Following feedback received from diving contractors and other interested parties, NOPSEMA has published for public comment a draft revision of its Diving guidelines - Complying with the diving safety regulations. This draft revision is the first step of a review process. NOPSEMA identified a... More

    Closed 7 August 2020