NOPSEMA consultation and public comment

Providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of transparency. This site will help you find and participate in public comment consultations that may be of interest.

Recently updated public comment consultations are displayed below.

It is important to note that the environment plan and offshore project proposals that are ‘open for comment’ have not undergone assessment by NOPSEMA and have been published to NOPSEMA’s website following an administrative check only. NOPSEMA’s formal assessment process will commence when the titleholder or proponent submits their environment plan or offshore proposal following the public comment process.

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Open Consultations

  • NOPSEMA Research Strategy 2023-2025

    NOPSEMA’s revised Research Strategy provides industry with a clear vision on what research priorities need addressing to improve the knowledge base to inform decision making and environmental management of the offshore energy sector. As Australia’s independent regulator for offshore energy...

    Closes 16 June 2023

  • Draft policy for managing gender-restricted information relating to First Nations cultural heritage

    In accordance with Traditional Lore, First Nations peoples may hold sensitive or restricted cultural knowledge that is relevant to understanding the values and sensitivities of the environment and the potential impacts on those values and sensitivities from offshore energy projects and activities...

    Closes 5 July 2023

Closed Consultations

  • Julimar Appraisal Drilling and Surveys

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. The Julimar Field Production System is located in Commonwealth waters about 160 km north-west of Dampier and 54 km North-West of the Montebello Islands. The Julimar Field Production System is adjacent to the...

    Closed 19 May 2023

  • Environment Plan decision making guideline

    Following the Federal Court decision in Santos NA Barossa Pty Ltd v Tipakalippa [2022] FCAFC 193, NOPSEMA has updated its ‘Environment Plan decision making guideline’ to clarify how the appeal decision will be applied to NOPSEMA’s decision making on whether the consultation requirements of Offshore...

    Closed 15 March 2023

  • Consultation in the course of preparing an Environment Plan guideline

    Following an in-person and virtual stakeholder briefing session at Perth Convention and Exhibition centre today, NOPSEMA has now published a guideline on “ Consultation in the course of preparing an Environment Plan .” We welcome feedback from our stakeholders on this guideline. The...

    Closed 15 March 2023

  • Collaborative Seismic Environment Plan Project

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. PLEASE NOTE THIS ENVIRONMENT PLAN HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN AT THE REQUEST OF THE TITLEHOLDER In 2018, the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) established an industry consortium to address long-standing issues...

    Closed 16 October 2022

  • Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. CGG Services Australia (CGG) is proposing to undertake the Sauropod three-dimensional (3D) marine seismic survey (MSS) in Commonwealth waters of the Roebuck Basin, within exploration permit WA-527-P. The purpose...

    Closed 12 October 2022