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Providing opportunities for public participation and consultation is an integral part of transparency. This site will help you find and participate in public comment consultations that may be of interest.

Recently updated public comment consultations are displayed below.

It is important to note that the environment plan and offshore project proposals that are ‘open for comment’ have not undergone assessment by NOPSEMA and have been published to NOPSEMA’s website following an administrative check only. NOPSEMA’s formal assessment process will commence when the titleholder or proponent submits their environment plan or offshore proposal following the public comment process.

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Open Consultations

  • Galactic Hybrid 2D MSS

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. Woodside is planning to conduct a marine seismic survey in exploration permit NT/P86 in Commonwealth waters offshore the Northern Territory. The survey will take place between 1 May and 16 August 2022 and is... More

    Closes today

  • Psychosocial risk management guidance note open for comment

    NOPSEMA has developed a Psychosocial Risk Management guidance note in response to increased concerns about the unique work environment and living conditions experienced in the offshore petroleum industry. The heightened risk of exposure to psychosocial hazards has been further exacerbated... More

    Closes 22 October 2021

  • Inspection policy open for comment

    From 1 January 2022, NOPSEMA is adopting a new approach to its inspections, striking a balance between regular inspections of all activities and the need to focus on higher risk activities with a greater likelihood of non-compliance. To assist industry in understanding NOPSEMA’s... More

    Closes 26 October 2021

  • Dorado Development Offshore Project Proposal

    Project name: Dorado Development Submitted by: Santos Titles (where relevant): WA-437-P and WA-438-P Submission type: Offshore Project Proposal Draft for public comment - Dorado Development Offshore Project Proposal Project description Santos WA... More

    Closes 29 October 2021

Closed Consultations

  • Sauropod 3D Marine Seismic Survey

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. CGG Services Australia (CGG) is proposing to undertake the Sauropod three-dimensional (3D) marine seismic survey (MSS) in Commonwealth waters of the Roebuck Basin, within exploration permit WA-527-P. The purpose... More

    Closed 6 October 2021

  • Petrel Sub-Basin South-West 3D Marine Seismic Survey

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. Santos Offshore Pty Ltd, propose to undertake a 3D seismic marine survey (the ‘survey’) over petroleum permit areas WA-454-P, WA-545-P, WA-27-R and WA-40-R and surrounding waters in the Bonaparte Basin in... More

    Closed 16 August 2021

  • Sasanof-1 Exploration Drilling

    Full details of this EP including published Documents. All open for comment EP's. Western Gas plans to drill the Sasanof-1 exploration well in Exploration Permit WA-519-P, located in Commonwealth waters in the Carnarvon Basin offshore Western Australia. Drilling will commence at the... More

    Closed 9 August 2021

  • Management of hot surfaces information paper

    NOPSEMA has received multiple notifications of elevated surface temperatures which pose ignition risks at facilities. The Management of Hot Surfaces information paper is intended to raise awareness and highlight appropriate approaches to managing these ignition risks. The paper presents... More

    Closed 24 June 2021

  • Bedout Multi-Well Drilling

    Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd (Santos) proposes to drill up to 12 wells (exploration and/or appraisal) in permit areas WA-437-P, WA-438-P and WA-541-P located in the Bedout Basin on the North West Shelf (NWS) (Figure 1) in water depths of approximately 30 to 110 m. The permit areas are wholly... More

    Closed 13 May 2021