Julimar Appraisal Drilling and Surveys

Closed 19 May 2023

Opened 19 Apr 2023


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The Julimar Field Production System is located in Commonwealth waters about 160 km north-west of Dampier and 54 km North-West of the Montebello Islands. The Julimar Field Production System is adjacent to the Chevron operated, Wheatstone Platform and includes wells in WA-49-L and flowlines/ pipelines in WA-26-PL and WA-29-PL.
Woodside proposes to drill a new appraisal well, Julimar South-1 accessing the J85 reservoir in the vicinity of the existing JULA manifold. It is intended that the well will target the deeper sands of the Julimar field to further understand reservoir properties, which is key to future development decisions.
Following appraisal activities, Woodside anticipates that the reservoir section will be isolated with cement plugs(s) and the well will be permanently abandoned. Results from appraisal of the well will be used to inform future development decisions which will be subject to future environment plans. Wellhead removal is planned to occur under this EP as part of a subsequent Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) campaign.

Drilling operations and appraisal activities are planned to commence in about Q3 2023, however wellhead removal may be performed at any point within 3 years from completion of drilling activities.
Geotechnical and geophysical surveys could involve cone penetration tests, box cores, drop cores, piston cores and anchor/chain hold testing and may occur at any point during the life of the EP. Geophysical surveys may involve multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler (sparker, boomer or chirp) and ultra-short baseline. Information from these surveys will inform safe and effective anchoring plans in future activities by better understanding seabed sediment characteristics in the area.
The Petroleum Activities Program therefore includes the drilling and suspension of an appraisal well (Julimar South-1) including P&A and geophysical and geotechnical surveys. Julimar South-1 well will be drilled within Petroleum Title WA-49-L with some anchor lines from the moored MODU entering Chevron operated Title Area WA-5-R. The geophysical and geotechnical survey area is largely within Title Area WA-49-L with some overlap of Chevron operated Petroleum Titles WA-5-R, WA-76-R and WA-526-P.
If required, contingent activities that Woodside may also need to perform include re-spud, side-track, well suspension, sediment mobilisation and relocation, venting and emergency disconnect sequence.

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