Offshore Gas Victoria Drilling Program

Closed 28 Mar 2024

Opened 27 Feb 2024


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Beach Energy (Operations) Limited (Beach), proposes to undertake a Drilling Program within Commonwealth waters of the Otway and Bass Basins.

The proposed scope of the Drilling Program covered by this EP consists of:

Drilling of up to six wells in Otway which may include a combination of:
○ Drilling of up to five exploration or appraisal wells in exploration licences VIC/P73 and/or VIC/P43.
○ Drilling of up to two exploration wells in exploration licence T/30P.

Drilling of up to five wells in Bass which may include a combination of:
○ Drilling of up to four appraisal wells in retention licences T/RL2, T/RL4 and/or T/RL5.
○ Drilling, testing (contingent), and completing one infield well (Yolla 7) in production licence T/L1.

Plugging, abandonment and removal of well infrastructure above the mudline for five legacy suspended subsea exploration wells:
○ Thylacine 1 in T/L2
○ Geographe 1 in VIC/L23
○ Trefoil 1 in T/RL2
○ Yolla 1 in T/L1
○ White Ibis 1 in T/RL4

The Operational Areas are where planned activities will occur. Within the Operational Area drilling and
plug and abandonment (P&A) activities will be undertaken within a 3 km radius around the well sites
whilst the drill rig is moored on location. The 3 km radius encompasses both the outer extent of
mooring equipment on the seabed, and the 500 m petroleum safety zone (PSZ).

The estimated timings for each activity are:
• Drilling: 30 - 40 days per well.
• Completion: 15 - 20 days for one well, Yolla 7.
• Plug and abandonment: 15 – 20 days per well.

Activities will be conducted on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis. The above timings equate to approximately 560 days of activity for the full Drilling Program and will be undertaken within the period of 1 November 2024 to the 31 December 2028.

Proposed activities will be undertaken with a single moored semi-submersible drill rig with a thruster assisted mooring system. The drill rig will be supported with up to three vessels.

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