Open Consultations

  • NOPSEMA Research Strategy 2023-2025

    NOPSEMA’s revised Research Strategy provides industry with a clear vision on what research priorities need addressing to improve the knowledge base to inform decision making and environmental management of the offshore energy sector. As Australia’s independent regulator for offshore energy operations in Commonwealth waters, we use balanced and quality research outputs to fulfill our legislated functions. While we do not carry out or commission research, NOPSEMA is in a unique... More
    Closes 16 June 2023
  • Draft policy for managing gender-restricted information relating to First Nations cultural heritage

    In accordance with Traditional Lore, First Nations peoples may hold sensitive or restricted cultural knowledge that is relevant to understanding the values and sensitivities of the environment and the potential impacts on those values and sensitivities from offshore energy projects and activities regulated under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhous Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (the Environment Regulations). In recognition of this, NOPSEMA has today published a draft policy... More
    Closes 5 July 2023
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